rasmus stride
Multimedia artist and experience designer
Rituals and digital technology


Installations, research, experiments


COVid19 experimental intimate performances

Kunstallasjoner was an initiative by Oslo Teatersenter, which gathered more than 35 individuals to create unique experiences and art for the pandemic. All the exhibitions were created and exhibited following the guidelines for social distancing and hygiene given by the Norwegian state. The project resulted in inimate and hihgly creative pieces that was showcased during a 6 week period. Special thanks to Oslo Teatersenter and everyone who made the project possible.
Hjerterom_, an earlier work was the starting point for my piece. I choose to work with Virtual Reality as a flexible platform, in order to "touch" people without atually touching them. My goal was to create a hyper sensual, abstract and absurd world for the audience to reconnect with themselves and their feelings. In the role of an architypical psychoanalyst, I portraied a private session with the audience. With the theater dimly lit. A minimalistic decor presented the visitor with a white sheeted couch, a red chair and a surgeon tray with VR glasses on. Through a short dialouge it becomes clear, that the patient (the visitor) is in need of treatment, which the person gets through a 4 minute virutal reality experience. Special thanks (again) to Jonas Johansson for technical support.

Oslo, Oslo teatersenter - read a review of the project here:
More images on instagram: Intuition_LAb @intuition_lab

May 2020


Bølgen, P5.js art for upcoming podcast

Generative artwork created using p5.js and personal footage by Bella Scheftelowitz. The code is based on examples from the p5 library and a bit of my own editing. I wanted to express the softness and intimacy that the podcast contains. That is why is choose Perlin noise as I find the gradient has an "organic" aspect to it. One of the biggest learnings from the project was using Ccapture with P5.js for capuring the work. A special thank to Jonas Johansson and Peter Beshai for technical support!
About the podcast: Radio, der handler om at være menneske. Alt er i bevægelse. Alt har en lyd. Og den første store bølge er lyden af længsel og sex & kærlighed. I de kommende udsendelser er I inviteret til at lytte til forskellige typer fortællinger. Okay, lyttes bedst med hørebøffer. Mens du ligger ned eller går rundt.

Made in collaboration with Bella at @boelgenslyd - much love

Mar 2020

Empathy Supper, Exploration of light and food — Collective Soydivision

Empaty Supper
 <p> Empaty Supper </p> The participants entered the venue from street level in pairs and was blindfolded.
                Hereafter they were led to their first tasting station which consisted of 2 dishes, rich in texture and taste.
                No cutlery was provided so the guests had to eat with their hands in pitch dark, only using the senses at their disposal.
                A musical performance was carefully performed during their experience.
<p> Empaty Supper </p> A light and sound piece introduced the participants to the main table. 
                  Still blindfolded, a time of confusion and randomness was bestowed on the guests. Amplifing the anthisipation already present in the room.
<p> Empaty Supper </p> Blue light is a high-energy light that blocks other colors.  
                    By serving food in blue light, all other colors are distorted, and only textures are left. This made it hard to make sense of the dish.
                    In the middel of the serving the lights were switched to white, and an axhilliated gasp rang from the audience!

Empaty supper is an experimental place, where lights, performing arts and social connections are interwoven with food and Indonesian mystic. With the use of technology lights and experience design a unique food experience is created and curated in collaboation with Soydivision and Nindya Nareswari. By blocking or confusing the audiences senses it was possible to add another layer to the dinner experience. Through the investigative question: "Can you trust your senses?" the performance sought to alter the visual input and mess with symiotics of fine dining. The experience allowed the audience to ponder what our impulses and intuition is telling us about our dining habits. The visual impairment forced upon the participants brought up questions of privilige on a physical and sociatal level. The investigation is 1 of 3 parts. First part involving lights and senes, second involving virtual/augmented reality and the last one challenging sociatal bounderies etablished within the frames of seculair societies.

Audiovisual Performance
Red Lights

Experience design, Concept director
The project is developed in collaboration with Soydivision and Nindya Nareswari @Soydivision
Feb 2020


Investigative research and experimentation on the role of intuition in creativity — Artistic research

What is intuition. I like the short answer: Daring to step into the unknown and trust in life. The Taoist say that intuition is a dance in Tao — between Wu Wei and Ziran. Meaning to take the energy that life gives you and then using that for motion wu wei and ziran being able to flow with the road of least resistance. The artistic investigation was conducted in the period between September 2019 and April 2020 and is resulting in a multimedia exhibition along with an investigative paper. The prefix of the investigation is based on a personal expereince of exploring personal agency in multitudes of artistic experiments in Berlin. Technology and rituals informed the formats of expression along with articles and writing.
How does technology inform expression, and what role does spirituality and animal like expression play in reaching cathartic and transformational artistic states? Body, movement, virtual reality and presence. Intuition and creativity influences each other as a play through movement and stillness. The growth as an artist and the death of apprehension.

Ongoing project
More input and updates at the instagram profile: Intuition_LAb @intuition_lab

Sep 2019


Daydream, Prototype interactive urban spaces

“Daydreams“ take place outside a conventional exhibition format. As a result we offer people the freedom to engage without the preconceptions, and semantics associated with traditional galleries or museums. The audience is encouraged to interact with the art, the space and the city, but most importantly have fun together. In this way we explore the modern discourse, that while getting more connected online, people are growing distant from each other in physical life. 
The interplay between public and private spaces means that current city development is based on value per square meter and amount of consumer footfall. Fundamentally we believe this is wrong. We challenge traditional ways of activating city spaces exploring the intersection of different forms of capital and how they are exchanged. We question how creative practices have shaped cities and will shape cities into the future. We ask if it is possible to provide an alternative to monetising highstreet property and create more social infrastructure to help fight inequality, polarisation and the decline of civic life? 

Made in collaboration with Chris Sadler & Elise Tobiasson - Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond

Nov 2019

Hjerterom_, Intimate VR experience
Conceptual storyline for virtual reality, interactive 3D universe and architecture

Inspired by the intemacy of looking and the gaze of lovers, the virtual reality experience lets the audience dive into an experience of emotions and body. Love gazing within a digital realm.
What is in a gaze? More than words can convey. It is not a secret that we change when we fall in love. The bodylanguage of lovers is extreme. Staring into someones eyes, only centimetres apart. That is really uncomfotable to do with people you are not intimate with. Worlds connect emotions collide in colors and sounds.
Immersive and intimate, the eyes of love.

Along with the virtual reality experience, the audience has the possibility to interact with one of the most sacred symbols of love. A (wedding)ring that is connected to a slow appegiater. With the ring, the audience get access to controlling the notes and tempo of the melody, symbolising the racing heartbeat or the thrilling longing for a lovers touch. A symbiotic gesture of touch, that signalises where heart and mind melts into sensuality.

Documentation coming up.

Presented @ Monteboello, Oslo - Rina Bash!

Concept, production and programming

Feb 2020

NAVA - Sonar Reykjavik 2018 NAVA Nordic Audiovisual Artists (NAVA) is a community for artists working at the intersection of music and visual arts. Its first real-world manifestation happened during Sónar Reykjavik 2018 where invited artists, together with the NAVA team, performed and outlined a framework for the community's existence and future development.

Curating and facilitating artistic collaborations, design and production. Close collaborators; Katrin Haugsdottír, Jonas Johansson and Atli Bollason. Documentation Timothée Lambrecq

Sep 2018

Roskilde Festival, Live audiovisuals and curation.

Project years: 16' 17' 18' 19'
The goal of the project is to facilitate the future of creative collaboration between musicians and visual artists. The Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival holds the frame for magic to happen.


Rasmus Stride

Multimedia artist and experience designer

Born in Denmark, living in Oslo. He is an artist and experience designer with a practice that spans performance, installation and online. Stride holds a higher diploma degree within Digital commerce from Hyper Island, Sweden and an independent entrepreneurial degree from Kaospilot university, Denmark.
From 2020 he has recieved admission to the experimental art institution, Prosjektskolen, in Oslo. He has been performing in a number of places including Aros museum of contemporary art, Aarhus and Sonár music, creativity and technology festival, Reykjavik.
Selected work recieved support and funding from Grafill, Norway's national organisation for visual design in 2019.
Hyper Island and Kaospilot Alumni,
Experience designer and artist. Creating Daydreams by developing immersive experiences for cityspaces.
Past project leader at SixSides museum architecture (NO).



Collaborations, exhibition, projects? :

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(0047) 922 07 941

Oslo/Berlin, NO/GER